Saturday, February 2, 2013

JANUARY goneeeee!

reflecting back,
i really have no idea what i have done in january
other than thinking of what to do daily,
i cant get my head into studies! 

ermm but there are sweet moments,
not so sweet moments,
and pretty harsh moments i would say
ups and downs (in terms of mood) in that one month

well, i wish i can stand up stronger,
so that even when i've to face the problem,
i can face it alone and not depending on others 


hope February can offer me more happiness!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


tweeted by a friend of mine :

'I really shouldn't have grown up. I used to be so sweet and pure. Now, im bitching bout some girls I don't like with my friends. #ohgodwhy actually kinda sad right. Thinkin back those days, every kid is our friend. Now we criticize anyone we dislike!'

it happens, so true! (>_<)"

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I'm feeling so physically inactive!
Been stickin my ass to the same chair for hourssss! ==
bahhhh, Friday come fast and go fast please!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012, wasnt that bad afterall!
of course there were days where i felt as if the whole world was against me,
but again, life without challenge is not interesting, isnt it?
my family, sometimes i might have complained abit about them here and there,
no matter what, they're still the pillars of my life, the ones who will be supporting me in everything i do for the rest of my life
friends, the one that i will release all my frustrations and worries, as in they are the ones that i'll turn to whenever i've problems..thanks to all who have been tolerating with me..sometimes i might not be able to hold my anger, so thanks for being so understanding..there are also ppl who made me unhappy, but i will not bring all these to 2013...i'll try to forgive and forget, hopefully things will turn out to be better this year..being older, therefore have to be wiser as well..i'll not let any tiny winy things you do to affect me =)

ohh well, there are whole loads of things that i'm looking forward to in this brand new year!

-of course, hoping for exams to come fast and go fast! (4th of Jan)
-junior Lim's arrival! i'll treat her like a princess! i believe everyone at home will <3 p="p">-Taiwan for medical elective! for the very first time i'll be overseas for a month!
-Wang LeeHom's concert in Genting! this is a must go! hopefully i'll be able to
-some trip to somewhere nice after First Professional Exam! ( July)
-Korea at the end of the year

shall stop here, dont wanna be greedy, dont wanna ask for too much
if i am able to do all the above, then 2013 will be a super duper good!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


looks like i'll only think of this place when i'm down
pffttt, today is just like any day,
perhaps worse than any other normal days!
Christmas, was the day i was really looking forward to,
but my parents have to choose the Christmas morning to argue

it really did affect me a lil this time,
as I am a 2nd year uni student, preparing for my exam,
and i have only 10 days left!
always have no peace during preparation for major exams

then another thought,
who can i talk to?


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

IMU CUP 2012

been a while since i last visited here
randomly felt like posting something 
my days in IMU arent that fantastic, but not so bad either
kinda becoming ms. emo here sometimes lol
but whatever it is, thanks to the nice ppl around me over here,
i'm still having abit of fun lahh 

talking bout IMU cup (2012)
first event was touch rugby...well, this was pretty random
i was too free one evening that i decided to just join one of their practices..the first time i went, really couldnt adapt to game play cause we need to run behind the ball all the time instead of catching it from the is supposed to be a gentle game but wtffff when it starts to be competitive, who the hell cares about being gentle?! too bad we're just 1 point behind taurus in semifinals 
๏̯͡๏ hence, ending up getting the bronze only

next event was volleyball
well, failed to grab hold of the gold due to own mistakes, soooooooo frustrating!
this year is the best year to ace it but too bad,perhaps we're still not good enough
as for the guys, most of them are new but they performed really well as a newbie!
they really gave the champion team a fight during semifinals..again, it was a very close match,
but griffin won them by 3 points in the last set and hence, we ended up with bronze 

BADMINTON was soooooooooooo shitty!
lol an event which is just not for hydra!
we are the only house without a state player õ.O
but we still formed a team and gave our best
though we know the results dy even before competing hahaa

at least i had fun, playing with the johor player and also the regular IMU player was my honour hahaa it was super tiring playing singles, but its something new to me, and will try to pick that up ≧◡≦

most recent event i join was frisbee....super new to me! lol
attended 2 training sessions only..that explains why i was so noob that day *-*
made a few stupid passes as well
felt so stupid at that point of time
oh well, again down by 1 point to taurus during semis
seriously felt like dejavu man! wtfff 
but they were literally amazing man! when i arrived there, they were playing against draco and the score at that moment was 4-1 *gasp* BUT they stayed so calm and came back stronger during the 2nd half and won! wahlaoehhh! ✌(^^,) ✌ was such a close match! ohh , i overslept that morning...must jot this down so that i will never forget! lol
during gameday, it was pouring, waiting for the rain to stop was depressingggggggggg! 

made lotsa of new friends during these events,
but there's this one feller that i cannot tahan =.=
something is wrong with her
this IMU cup was quite a good and memorable one for me
its time to get back to studies (✿◠‿◠)


Sunday, May 20, 2012

after so much of emoness,
finally something that will lift my mood
i'm going to taipeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

taipei huan ying wo ba! <3
its been a while since i last posted here,
now i've so much to blogged about
cause this is the only place where i can write down about stuff that i want to complainnnnnnnnnnnn!

time flies!
i know i've been saying this here a gazillion times,
but this is something which is so true!
almost 1/2 of the year gone,
and in 2 months time,
i'll be sitting for my 2nd medical exam
and this will mark the end of my first year being a medical student

till now i'm still not sure whether have i made the correct decision,
correct pathway
i really have no confidence in myself,
but i keep reminding myself,
if others can make it,
there's no reason to why i cant!

recently i've known a few seniors in imu
and they've somehow inspired me
everyone has their own story behind their success
no one is perfect!
one of them dont even have family support,
but still manage to live on his own,
took the courage to take up this medical degree in his early thirties
and look......he's almost graduating!

talking about family,
well........i really would love to find someone to talk to about this
but there's just too much stuff that i cant share,
cause its such a disgrace,
and i wish all this didnt happened

money will ruin relationships
money is really the root of all evils!

dont know why i'll be emo recently
i really wish i wont be thinking too much bout the daily stuff happening around me
life is too short to be emo everyday!
i must learn time management
when its time to study,
i should study!
when its time to play,
i should really play!


and to ppl who makes me feel uneasy at times,
well, i'll learn to ignore and forgive
faruk taught me that guys mature slower than girls
something that i couldnt agree more
so everytime when guys annoy me,
i'll just think of this

but boy,
you still need to watch the stuff that you said

Monday, April 9, 2012

my 21st

well, it is now the beginning of my 21st
and i have too many ppl to thank already!
firstly, to my beloved ex-college mates, michelle and also yichien,
not forgetting my best cousin as well
can see how much effort you guys have put in despite having test and exams plus all the assignments pilling up
i really dont know how to express how much i appreciate everything
from the dinner, to the cheese cake, then the big book plus the video! =')

secondly, to my batchmates,
especially hwee ling who made the red velvet choc pop!
so pretty and delicious!
also stefanie and desmond, helping out with buying stuff and all
mark and the rest for that volleyball!

what more can i ask for?!
i've already have the best in my life <3

Sunday, April 8, 2012


went boston, wanted to have supper but we knew we have to wait superr longhh,
so we switched to berkeley for fried porridge after having rm 4 chinese tea at boston
next, we ended our supper trip by going to shanmuga just to minum-minum and talked abit
well, tonight wasnt too bad =)
a good-random-night-out

with bryan, sierng and chuan yee